In canvassing activities, creating a simple landing page is often the most effective way to test the value proposition of a product or service. However, for this landing page to be successful, some basic rules must be followed.

Entrepreneurs: A simple page of your business you will create

The landing page is not a website: it must have a limited number of elements, so that the message passed is easy to understand.

The main items that need to appear on a landing page are:

  • A tagline at the top of the page (which usually sums up the value proposition). Examples of effective taglines include Airbnb (“Book unique accommodations and activities.”), or Drivy (“Cars around you, ready to go”)
  • One or more call(s) to action presented in a visible way, such as a contact button or a product demonstration request
  • Three points that succinctly present attributes or product

Beyond these three categories of elements, which are the main essentials of the landing page, the rest can quickly become superfluous, even harmful because too much content on a page can sometimes disturb the visitor and make him lose sight of the essentials.

Call to action (CTA) you won’t forget on your startup website

Your landing page has only one ultimate goal: to generate qualified leads. And to do this, getting visitors interested on a landing page with quality content is a first step, but of course you have to be able to contact them again to better target their need!

For this, it is essential not to forget to encourage them to leave their contact information. To maximize the chances of recovering this information, it is recommended to ask only the email address (as a general rule, the more information is requested, the less quickly the person is to complete, the less likely they are to go through with the form).

Once the lead has informed his email address, it is a person who has voluntarily left a means of contact and who is in the base, that is when it is possible to supplement the information available on his profile with the help of third-party tools. like APIs. The most important thing is to collect as many email addresses as possible.

⚒️ The clever tool: Full Contact, from an email address, is able to automatically identify an individual’s name, first name, Linkedin account, etc.

A simple and fluid design you will use to undertake

A beautiful design is important and can help convince potential buyers. The landing page being the first impression of the product (or service), do not underestimate it and it is a matter of treating it!

To help profiles whose creativity is not the strong point, a myriad of tools exist online, to provide the necessary infrastructure or graphic elements to complete a web page. (article or toolkit to do on the best tools to develop a landing page / site?)

For entrepreneurs with slightly larger budgets, a design agency will be able to create a custom page for a price ranging between 500 and 800 euros.

⚒️ The Clever Tool: Themeforest offers a set of themes to be used directly, and usually ranging from 50 to 100 euros.

The behavior of your targets you will measure on your website

In addition to creating an impactful landing page, it is crucial to understand the reactions of all visitors who are in contact with this page but do not leave their email address. What are the navigational behaviors? Are there more clicked places than others? What is the bounce rate and the average time spent by visitors on the page?

Before you start testing a landing page, don’t forget to set up your tracking tools: Google Analytics is a base to have and depending on the needs and type of product, it may be interesting to use others.

⚒️ The clever tool: Hotjar creates ‘heatmaps’ that track each visitor’s scrolland and click behaviors on a landing page, helping to identify heat points on a page and what to optimize.

The right channels for acquiring traffic on your entrepreneurship site you will identify

To have something to measure, it’s about attracting traffic on its landing page! When it goes online, it will have a very low natural referencing, so you have to go and get the first leads with the strength of the wrist.

To avoid spending an arm sponsoring Linkedin posts and Google Ads, cold canvassing can be a good alternative. However, beware! For all B2C activities, it has been prohibited to do so since the RGPD came into force. For this type of activity, it will be necessary to find an alternative visibility platform, such as the creation of partnerships and synergies with companies with complementary activities, or with influencers.

With respect to B2B, the RGPD authorizes canvassing in case the product is likely to be useful to the prospect (this is called the ‘legitimate interest‘). To initiate a canvassing strategy, the easiest way is to search the email addresses of target individuals and use tools like Linkedin,, Lusha, … to contact them.

Once you’ve made contact and the first canvassing emails sending back to your landing page, don’t forget to measure the results, to iterate and continuously improve your qualification and sales strategy!