Deplastify the planet: 10 alternatives to plastic packaging

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Something’s happening in the world of packaging & consumer goods.

Deep, positive change is tangible at scale. Our ambition with this study is to show how, innovating hand-in-hand, entire industries manage to shift away from plas – tic while staying more relevant than ever to their customers. Working on alternatives has become an absolute necessity and a shared ambition for all. We are getting there, step by step.

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Dr. Martens x Deplastify the Planet Spring 2023, Circular Opportunities for Leather Scrap Waste

Dr. Martens, the global footwear brand, is known for the iconic look and exceptional durability of their boots, shoes and […]

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 Identify language discrimination with Grammarly.

Grammarly faced language discrimination could occur when certain words or phrases unintentionally exclude or marginalize certain groups of people.

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Deplastify The Planet: Designing a plastic-free car

UC Berkeley students and Furecia teamed-up to design a plastic-free car a cleaner supply chain by sourcing a natural fiber that can replace the use of plastic by 50%.

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Equitable Design Lab: Innovation and Bias, Increasing Access for Diverse Startups

Schoolab's Equitable Design Lab team built an innovation to eliminate the lack of diversity in participation and expose bias in program performance, creating a more inclusive platform for YouNoodle’s customers.

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Design Fiction framework for Chanel: unveil scenarios about possible future for the luxury industry.

The Schoolab team used its unique Design Fiction framework to unveil scenarios about the future of the luxury industry and the positioning of Chanel

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Learning Expedition in New York: Exploring PropTech

VINCI immobilier went on a Schoolab Learning Expedition in New York City to realign their innovation strategy studying PropTech.

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Using blockchain technology to help track plastic waste

At Schoolab’s “Deplastify the Planet”, Lonely Whale teamed up with four UC Berkeley students to solve the traceability issue of plastic waste, and create an incentive system for companies to use recycled and upcycled plastics. 

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Medical leader Elsan launches an app in 3 months

MedTech: Elsan had 3 months to build and launch an app to reduce stress in clinics waiting rooms.

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L’Oréal launches a school in less than a year!

The French world leader in beauty designs a disruptive hairdressing school with Schoolab.

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Société Générale’s Conversion to Digital Documentation

To streamline the production of a reference document and make it available in digital format, Société Générale decides to organize an internal hackathon.

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