Business Situation: How can we redesign waiting areas in clinics?

According to a recent study, one in five (19%) physician visits are motivated by the emergency department. The waiting room is therefore a key place to manage patient stress. Rather than offering dusty magazines and medical journals, the Elsan Group, leader in private hospitalization in France, wants to reduce the level of stress in the waiting room and wants to use waiting time in the clinic to carry out preventive actions.

Business Innovation Task

The mission entrusted to Schoolab was to rethink waiting rooms by making them more playful. The objective was both to entertain patients and provide a therapeutic education role by creating a video game that will lessen stress among waiting patients.

Schoolab deployed a team composed of a mission director, a developer, as well as a UX/UI designer and an expert in gamification and video games.

Actions: the method and actions implemented

Approaching the challenge with a user focus, the Schoolab team presented a “serious game” prototype, Hippocrate, dedicated to managing waiting times while at the same time taking the drama out of it. Hippocrate offers several mini-games to raise awareness while using strong codes from successful mobile games. The group entrusted the development of the application to Schoolab.

Innovation consulting Results

The game app is currently available in two of Elsan group’s clinics and is available to download from the Android store and AppStore.

90% of the players answer the medical questions asked by the game

8 minutes of play on average, including 4 targeted stress prevention messages

The challenges that had to be solved

Medical prevention is traditionally very formal and not very playful. We had to get all the professionals involved in this video game concept by proving the real impact in terms of prevention.

“In a waiting room, you get bored and often anxious. Proposing a playful but serious game is a very good solution to distract the patients ! ”
Catherine H
design consultant