How to streamline the production of the reference document and make it available in digital format?

KOMEOS is a Société Générale software package that enables the bank’s reference document to be produced in a more fluid manner and to be distributed digitally and enriched with additional content (benchmarking and export of figures in particular) for financial analysts.

Refocusing on the users’ needs

Schoolab accompanied KOMEOS for 6 months on a full-time basis helping the team to refocus on their users’ core needs (internal and external)  banking while remaining compatible with industry compliance standards.

Prototyping with an ecosystem of experts

Once the value proposition was validated, the Schoolab helped the team develop the first prototype by mobilizing an ecosystem of experts (data, product, design, business). The tests were conclusive both internally in the bank’s financial department and externally with analysts and market groups.


Today, the KOMEOS project continues within Société Générale’s finance department and helps the teams to produce the reference document (for annual and quarterly publications) and is used for the external digital publication of the reference document. Today, Société Générale is a pioneer in the digitalization of the reference document thanks to KOMEOS.